History of:

Old Pathway Holiness Church

Of the

Apostolic Faith

Thus saith the Lord, “Stand ye in the ways and see and ask for the OLD PATHS where is the good Way and walk therein and ye shall find rest for your souls” (Jeremiah 6:16). The Lord impregnated Elder Watts with the name Old Pathway Holiness Church of the Apostolic Faith in 1986, just as God impregnated Joseph with dreams. Thirteen (13) years later, the dreams came to manifestation. Seventeen (17) years after God spoke to Elder Watts, God reaffirmed his vision and upon counseling and receiving the blessings from his Pastor and great Bible Expositor, Bishop John and Dr. Linda Smith, of Christ Centered Apostolic Church, Elder and Sister Watts moved from Dayton, Ohio to St. Louis, Missouri June 1st, 2003. On April 1st, 2004, in a 2 bedroom apartment, Old Pathway was born at 1224 Bryant St. Apt. # 201, elder and sister Watts prayed, preached, and taught the word of God and souls came in and were saved, healed, and delivered in their sanctuary (living room) even their daughter from Ohio came and she received the Holy Ghost. After a year, the landlord said they were too noisy, so they received a 30-day notice to move, two days later after the eviction notice the Lord blessed them and they found a house with a finished basement, again souls came and were saved. After about a year and three months the landlord said they were messing up his property and to stop the church service immediately, two weeks later the Lord blessed again, they found a building at 4514 Page Boulevard , Unit B. Elder Watts favorite saying is, “We came to turn St. Louis upside down.” Families are being saved, strengthened, and uplifted, their sanctuary (a real one) holds 80 chairs and they are looking to expand that, and they also have a radio broadcast called “Back to the Streets.” Going into Their 6th year in this building (4514 Page) God has blessed them greatly, this is the Lord’s doing and it’s marvelous in their eyes and others. As of now they have knocked down the wall and expanded the sanctuary from 80 to 120 chairs. They now have a radio broadcast (KXEN 1010 am, Mondays @ 5:30pm), it’s called “Back to the Streets,” and Souls are being saved, a television ministry called “The Real Truth,” which is rocking the city on (charter cable channels 8 & 89 every Saturday from 11:30a.m.-12p.m.), and a Bible College (Bible Comprehensive Training Center) (B.C.T.C) every 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month. Pneumatology, Hermenutics, Homoletics, Eschatology, and many more subjects are taught in spiritual in-depths, they also have a new website www.oldpathway.net and can be seen on Facebook and YouTube.  Coming soon streaming online!

From their humble beginning in an apartment to where they are now  God has continued to bless them and the sky is the limit for they refuse to change their story. They are looking forward to moving into a bigger church, although many said it wouldn't work because, “Pastor Watts is too strict with his doctrine,” God has shown through Elder and Sister Watts that if you “Ask, Seek, and Knock,” for the Old Pathway, you will realize, that your Blessing is in God’s House. The Pillar and Ground of the Truth, for they are standing on firm foundation. God has truly blessed Pastor Watts greatly to have a wife who believed and trusted in him to get the job done by following the Lord. They thank and praise God for Bishop John Smith, Dr. Linda Smith, and Christ Centered Apostolic Church Family for believing in and giving them an opportunity to do God’s work and will.