Pastor Elder Larry Watts’ favorite testimony is that he is an “EX,” Ex-drug user, Ex-alcoholic, Ex-thief, and Ex-unmentionable. Pastor Watts was baptized in Jesus name and received the Holy Ghost speaking in tongues on April 23, 1972 at his home church, “Christ Temple Apostolic Faith Church,” Dayton, Ohio. After receiving ministerial teaching and training from his Pastor, Bishop Fred Mayors, one of all Holiness's dynamic and prolific teachers and attending Muskegon Bible Institute, under the direction of the, “Walking Bible,” the tremendous teacher, Bishop Willie Duncan, God directed Pastor Watts to go to St. Louis, Missouri, to start a work and to turn the city upside down (Jn. 15:16, Acts 17:6). Later following his conversion in his saved life, he married Sister Molly Martin. They began to work for the Lord together.

         After receiving different degrees for teaching and ministering skill awards, Pastor and Sister Watts moved their membership to “Christ Center Apostolic Church,” Columbus, Ohio under the Great Bible Expositor, Bishop John Smith and Dr. Linda Smith. After 2 years there, God gave Pastor Watts the “Go,” sign on April 23, 2003, to come to St. Louis, Missouri, to let the city know: That Pastor Larry Watts (with 1st Lady Molly Watts by his side) is the new sheriff in town, in other words he is:

"Standing in the Gap" Ezekiel 22:30