Beloved women of God in leadership positions and those in the church. The life of Holiness is a consecrated, dedicated life in which are lives must show more so than just fads, fashions, and materialistic gain.

We should be able to talk more with our lives than our mouth 1 Pet 3:2-4, in our lives we should be able to teach the younger women Titus 2:3-5 to be a blessing to God, Church, Husbands, be a Jewel, be Virtuous Pro 31:10-28. We should become Gods, “Salt Shaker Matt 5:13.” Whatever you put salt on the taste is enhanced it brings out the true flavor. We as sanctified leaders of women have to be a “Guiding Light Matt 5:14-16,” to those who are in darkness.

Naomi was God’s “Salt Shaker,” and “Guiding Light,” she drew Ruth, she said that “Your people will be my people your God my God.” So my beloved woman of God does your salt and light have that drawing effect that I ask, “Where are the Ruth’s of Today?” Are they willing to follow you?